Most of our professional experience comes from residencies (weekly or thereabouts) at restaurants, bars or clubs. The same musician who plays in packed out stadiums also are happy and able to adapt to a small venue such as a restaurant or bar.

Promoting the event:

We are happy to work hard with you to promote the residency with, for example:

However, experience shows us that this has only a minimal short-term effect. Putting on live music on a regular basis has to be a long term commitment for it to show a return. It is comparable to spending thousands of pounds on a really nice fireplace - customers don't come just for the fireplace but it is one of the many things that adds to your venue being a nice place to be.
We also understand that you have to make a profit. If it costs so much to hire us and we are playing to a very small audience every week, then we can see that it is not working, no matter how good the music is.

Jazz-for-hire have been providing live jazz duos every Friday and Saturday night for Shezan Restaurant in Knightsbridge for 3 1/2 years and continue to provide, usually duos, at restaurants and pubs across London.

Below are some restaurant reviews that mention the live music :

how wonderful to while away the evening listening to Jazz - curious but brilliant

the live jazz was superb

Live jazz makes it extra special for me as the duo performed amazingly

The live music wasn't too loud even though our table was very close

Nice atmosphere with live music

jazz was a nice touch

Topped off by Jazz singing entertainment Wonderful!

Sources:, Tripadvisor
16th of May 2017
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